Le théâtre des Petites Âmes also offers workshops for students

Available 2009-2010

Puppet worshop

Part of the Quebec government program Les Artistes à l’école, Isabelle Payant co-presents with Mélanie Charest of ZAL (Zone Artistique Libre), a discovery workshop around puppets. In one or two hours, the children discover the world of puppetry; build a puppet and learn how to manipulate it. Please contact us for more details or visit this link.

Masked theater workshop: Neutral mask and animals

For all students, from grades 1 through high school, this 50 to 120 minute workshop is designed to develop the physical aspect of masked theater. The length of the workshop varies according to the specific needs of the school or teacher.

This workshop works with the students through their body and the use of masks. The workshop is split up in three blocks. The warm-up encourages student to express emotions through body language.

In the second part of the workshop we integrate the neutral mask. Several exercices are carried out in small groups to develop human movement and emotion.

The third step is to integrate the masks of animals. With several animal masks, the students are directed to develop animal movement. They are then paired off with other animals to develop short relationships.

Without words, students develop other means of communication and are often surprised by what they discover.

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