Le jardin des petites âmes - The Garden

Le jardin des petites âmes

A creative oasis in the city

Le Jardin des Petites Âmes was built for children, toddlers to six year olds. With their families they can touch everything, move and bring the puppetry and musical elements to life.

As parents, we were always looking for soft and sensitive proposals during events with our little ones. We did not find any, so we build the Garden.

At their own rhythm, children will discover a musical bridge, a bamboo forest, a boat to cross the pond of dreams, a bird that does not get its feet wet, a garden where flowers dance and a turtle that sings.

Idea: Isabelle Payant

Creation: Stéphane Heine, Isabelle Payant & Claudine Rivest

Yes, the garden was built to be outside but the experience is just as lovely inside an exhibition hall. Our team of gardeners awaits!