Creation: April 2018

A creation by Théâtre des Petites Âmes

Intended for little ones ages 2 ½ and up
Duration: 35 minutes
Audience capacity: 80 spectators (including the adults)

MAPA is a comforting figure who is mama and papa at the same time. MAPA is also like a map, to let us know where we come from and where we are going. MAPA takes in small creatures and in her workshop helps them find their way. MAPA helps them build and find a house to call home.

Idea and design: Isabelle Payant
Creation: Isabelle Payant, Stéphane Heine with the generous collaboration of Anne Lalancette
On stage: Isabelle Payant and Stéphane Heine
Lighting design: Nancy Longchamp
Sound design: David Payant, Isabelle Payant with the voice of Laurence Hélie
Technical Director: Stéphane Guy