A Théâtre des Petites Âmes creation
In coproduction with La Ville de Mont-Tremblant

For little ones ages 2 ½ and up
Length: 35 minutes
Audience: 60 - 80 spectators

They are three. They do not know one another but all three received an invitation from OGO to go away. They do not know OGO but they long to go away. And so they wait. They wait for OGO.

OGO is a journey where friendship, joy and imagination fill time.

Idea and design: Isabelle Payant
With the generous collaboration of Stéphane Heine, Anne Brulotte-Légaré and Patrick Beauchemin
On stage: Patrick Beauchemin, Stéphane Heine and Isabelle Payant
Light: Nancy Longchamp
Music: Isabelle Payant
Stage Manager: Stéphane Guy

Théâtre des Petites Âmes would like to thank Gabriel Lemelin of Service de la culture de La Ville de Mont-Tremblant for his generous welcome and the Domaine Saint-Bernard that provided a home for the team during the residencies.